The best way to see Wimbledon is by walking around the area and immersing yourself in the feel of the place. Most visitors do not have much time to discover the best places themselves so we are preparing guided walks to take in the best of Wimbledon. These are walks designed for those who like regular stops for lunch and tea! They take in the best restaurants and pubs as well as history and nature. Even if you have only a few hours to spare it is worth following part of our suggested routes. Highlights include the Buddhapadia Temple which has lovely grounds within which to wander and contemplate - the temple and grounds have a serene feel about them.

The Buddhapadia Temple Wimbledon

Walking attaches you to the history of a place, stepping over ancient tracks where others have walked before. There are areas of Wimbledon Village and the Common that have remained unchanged and would be recognised by our ancestors. The Museum of Wimbledon has a wonderful website with oral history from local people which gives us a glimpse of the past (see Culture section).

Maps are a selective means of showing us the way. At the Windmill Museum you can purchase a lovely illustrated map of the common showing the footpaths and bridle ways. It also shows you the area of golf course which should be walked with caution to avoid flying golf balls! Maps give layers of information showing us different aspects of a place - what you see depend on their focus. Also at the Windmill Museum is a map of the bomb sites from World War 2 - a sad reminder, but useful to the historian looking at the architecture of  Wimbledon. There is also an accompanying  booklet on sale both produced by Norman Plastow a local architect and historian, as well as many more interesting books on local history.

Another popular way to view Wimbledon Common is on horseback which gives you a different aspect of the landscape. There are two stables in the Village that have rides suitable for all skill levels along the bridlepaths that cross the common. You will notice that the traffic lights in the Village have signal buttons at riders level to help the horses cross the road.

The Wimbledon Village Stables are tucked behind the Dog and Fox Pub off the High Street in the heart of the Village.  There have been riding stables in this location for over 100 years and before that horses were stabled here when there was a coaching in for travelers. The other stable is adjacent to the Swan pub at 93 Ridgeway, both are a stones throw from the common and Richmond Park, 3,000 acres of wonderful riding.

Contact Wimbledon Village Stables on 020 8946 8579 and Ridgeway Stables on 020 8946 7400