Queuing for tickets at the Wimbledon Tennis Championship has become an event in itself. The organisation of the queues has changed and now there is camping in Wimbledon Park with facilities, quite different from the tents lined along the roads a few years ago. The Wimbledon Stewards are helpful and knowledgeable so don't be afraid to ask for help. Wimbledon campers never let wet weather dampen their spirits - don't think it won't be busy because of rain!
Camping in Wimbledon Park
There is a good guide to queuing on the official Wimbledon website but our roving reporter Helen Duffy gives an insight into the real experience of The Queue.  She regularly queues for tickets at Wimbledon and gives her top tips to make it an easy and pleasant experience.

Helen's Queuing Tips
  • Get there early! Lots of people ask 'when should I get into the queue?' I always answer 'as early as your can'. If you can arrive in the early morning before the day you want to attend then do, the day goes by so quickly camping and it's a comfort to know that you'll definitely get the ticket you want.  As a rule anytime before midday and you will get centre or court one (although the second Wednesday of the week, men's quarter finals does attract lots of campers).
  • When you get into the queue you will be handed a queue card with your number on it showing your position. This means that everyone who wants to attend the tennis has to be present as they will not give you a card for anyone who isn't there yet - it's strictly one per person present to avoid queue jumpers. By knowing your place in the queue you can tell what tickets you can get the next day.  In the morning wristbands are handed out from the front of the queue, 500 for centre court and 500 for court one, also some for court 2, so if you are number 340 in the queue you can rest easy knowing you will get whichever ticket you want.  If you're number 540 and are desperate for centre court tickets you'll have to cross your fingers that 40 people in front of you opt for court one tickets instead. 

  • The wristbands are handed out at about 10am so make sure you are in the correct place in the queue!  Do not go wandering off because they will simply miss you out.  When you reach the grounds you simply show your wristband and pay for your ticket.  This ticket is for a specific seat which is yours for the day and you can come and go as you please.  If you want to see a whole match get there 10/15 mins before it starts to be sure.
  • Go to sleep early! You will be woken up at 5.30/6 am.
  • Wake up early! Make sure you get up promptly and pack up your things quickly, then head straight over to the left luggage to put your tend and bags into storage for the day. It's £1 for bags (no matter how big) and £5 for tents, so it is a good idea to bring a tent that will fit into your bag to save money (an time hunting for it later). Left luggage queues can be lengthy so get there quickly to avoid stress.
  • Although you do need to spend most of your queuing time near your tent you can walk into Southfields or Wimbledon Village to get a pub dinner if the people camping next to you will keep an eye on your tent.
  • Remember, you can't buy centre court tickets for the last four days of the championships and think about who's playing on the day - if it's Andy Murray playing things tend to get much busier, so get there even earlier!